One of the biggest problems men face in dating Western women is the level of expectancy you get from them. They expect you to be wealthy and extremely generous, even if they don’t work for a living.

They expect you to be fit and healthy, toned and muscular, but without spending too much time at the gym because that means you have less time to invest in pandering to their needs.

They expect you to be kind and understanding no matter how childish their behavior might be. And that’s without even adding in the lunatic feminist influences that you see all over social media on a daily basis.

You now live in a society where people choose to be different genders depending on how they feel that morning. In effect, the West is failing in the same way the Roman Empire fell apart, and for all the same reasons.


It’s All About The Values

What you tend to find with Eastern European women is that they hold more traditional values than women in the West, even though women in Europe and North America often view women from Eastern Europe as being oppressed and a bit backwards, but without ever knowing anything about their life choices or values.

In Western countries career has become far more important to women than having family, or they leave it until their late 30s to have kids, which rarely produces the results they want.

“Family” is quite literally becoming a dirty word, with career, experiential living and material possessions seen as far more important than finding a husband or partner and having kids.

Why Men Are Looking At Ukraine

What Western women don’t understand is that these are the exact reasons why North American, European, and Australasian men flock to Eastern Europe in search of a woman to build a life with.

It’s not that these guys don’t want to raise a family back home, but that it’s now becoming incredibly difficult to find a woman who wants to do that, or at least find one who’s not 39 years old and desperate to have her last remaining egg fertilized.

So, yes, absolutely living in Ukraine will give you the opportunity to not only meet women who share the same values as you, including all that good stuff like family, tradition, integrity, and regular gender roles, but you get all that wrapped up in women who are at the top of their game when it comes to looks.

They don’t view wearing a skirt and high heels as some weird kind of patriarchal oppression. They don’t view wearing make-up and dressing to impress as being a sign of weakness – instead they see it as simply embracing all the great things that make women attractive to the opposite sex.

Are There Gold Diggers?

Ukrainian women are generally well educated, they care about staying in shape, and they care about being productive members of society because they’ve been taught by their parents that you only get out of life what you put into it. So they work for a living, even if that means working in an underpaid job, because the other choice is not being able to pay for food.

Are some Ukrainian women simply looking for a Western guy as a means of escaping from the country? Absolutely. They know that living in a more developed country will present them with far more opportunities, and the potential for financial independence, than they could ever hope for in Ukraine, or at least not for the next 10 to 15 years.

But how is a Ukrainian gold digger any different to a North American gold digger? The answer is that they’re not, and once you get over that mental hurdle you’ll see the same trends and habits in Ukrainian women who only want access to the contents of your wallet, and nothing else.

Just remember that only a small percentage of the women here are looking for sugar daddies – every other woman is just looking for a nice guy to fall in love with.

What You Have To Offer Them

Being a Western guy means you already possess most of what Ukrainian women look for in an ideal mate. You already have a job, you’re reasonably well-educated, you’re ambitious, you want to start a family, and most importantly you don’t suffer from any substance abuse issues.

Substance abuse is a problem in Ukraine, but not nearly as bad as it is in Russia. That being said the country has its fair share of alcoholics, which is why your application for residency here has to include a medical certificate that clearly states you are not an alcoholic.

One of the many reasons Ukrainian women are so in favor of dating and marrying Western men is because they don’t have to encourage you to be a responsible adult male – that’s something you already learned as a younger man.

You might take it for granted, but being a responsible male adult, with most of his teeth and limbs, is extremely valuable to women from this part of Europe.


Get In Line, Girls!

Does this mean that Ukrainian women are simply going to fall all over you when you arrive in Kiev, Lviv, or Odessa and loudly announce that you are now taking applications from local women to become your girlfriend? Nope.

Just because you’re in Eastern Europe this doesn’t mean that all the usual rules around love, dating, romance, and sex simply don’t apply – you still have to be a gentleman, treat a woman well and show that you value her.

In fact, showing Ukrainian women that you value not only their appearance but their opinion is one of the smartest moves you can make.

You have to bear in mind that sexism is still quite prevalent in Eastern Europe, and is something Ukrainian women may have experienced on an all too regular basis with previous boyfriends.

Living in Ukraine will definitely give you way more dating opportunities than you could ever hope for in Europe or North America, but that doesn’t come without challenges.

You need to factor in whether or not you expect your Ukrainian girlfriend to move overseas with you, or if you want to move to the Ukraine instead and see what the other half of the world lives like.

Women here are simply different to what you’ve been taught to expect by the feminist-driven society in the West.

This will sound sexist to some, and the truth to most, but Ukrainian women are what the average guy expects a woman to be. And all you need to do to make them fall in love with you is treat them well. Seems like a pretty