Money is the currency of exchange in life. People use it to acquire the desires of their hearts. This is basically why everyone needs to earn an income. There are many people who have accumulated an adequate amount of funds in order to live a luxury lifestyle, however, this does not apply to everyone. Retiring overseas may be more affordable but is not always the case.

Here are five ways to fund your overseas retirement:

Bitcoin Investing

Probably everyone has heard of Bitcoin. However, most people know that it is merely a digital currency that can be used to make purchases and send money to family and friends overseas.  However, there is a lot more to Bitcoin than meets the eye.

Bitcoin is potentially an investment vehicle. According to cryptocurrency experts, the investment potential is enormous. And it can be an incredible means of adding to your income.

If you are interested in trading Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, you should do your homework on it. They are various training programs and resources that you can use to learn how to invest in Altcoins.  You can read a review of the program I learned Bitcoin investing from at


Travel Writing

One great way of making some extra money is traveling the world and writing about it. They are various travel magazines that will pay freelance writers to basically write about their travel adventures.

If you have the right sources, you could sell one article multiple times. If this is something that you enjoy doing, then your travel expenses could also be covered by the magazine. This experience could lead you into other popular niches.


As long as you have access to a computer and the Internet, you can make use of copywriting absolutely anywhere in the world. Copywriting refers to promotional content that is often used to sell virtually every product on the market.

Companies use copywriters to help them sell the products, and nonprofit organizations use copywriters to help them raise money. So when it comes to writing advertising copy someone should get paid and why shouldn’t that someone be you. This is an excellent opportunity to write wherever you are and make money in your spare time.

Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is another option that many retirees are using to add to their overseas retirement fund. Internet marketing basically refers to promoting either your own products or products that belong to someone else. If you are an expert in a specific niche, then there is no reason why you should not make an online income.

If you love traveling why not turn your passion for travel into a tour operating business. If you have creative ideas it will definitely catch on and start generating an income for you while keeping others around you entertained.

One such company known as Pier one imports began out of love for travel and importing the items that a specific couple found during their travel adventures overseas. Import and export businesses create huge incomes for many people every single year. So why not ride that gravy train.

Of course, the list does not end here. There are so many other things that you can do in order to make money both now and while you are living abroad.


Stock photography

Since the written and visual content for website helps products sell, photography is in high demand these days. For those who enjoy taking photographs of their travel adventures and so on, this hobby could turn into a profitable venture. Travel writers are often rewarded with free trips and hotel accommodation.

If you know exactly what customers are looking for, then there is no need to go searching for these photographs out of your hometown. You can basically make passive income by selling your photos on stock photography websites. In most cases, each picture is sold multiple times.

This specific list makes mention of 5 Ways To Fund Your Overseas Retirement, however, that doesn’t mean that they aren’t dozens of other ideas out there. You should choose to make money from something you are passionate about; then you will find a way to make it work.

However, nothing would ever materialize if all you ever do is talk about making money and never really taking that first step towards actually earning money. So ultimately, you can have the best ideas laid out in front of you however, as long as you’re willing to put in the time, hard work and effort into fulfilling your dreams, you will never truly realized them.

So take that first step in building an income that will benefit you during your retirement.