Foreign men from around the globe dream of, seek out online and travel to Ukraine in hopes of meeting their soulmate. And, for good reason, many of these men are successful in their endeavors.

Along with the current economic struggles and government instability in Ukraine, women here are much more likely to fantasize about and pursue a relationship or marriage with a foreigner.

The truth is, a lot of Ukrainian men are alcoholics and do not treat their wives nicely. It’s also worth taking into consideration that the ratio of women to men in the country is greatly in your favor.

So, if you love a beautiful Ukrainian woman, and are attempting to go about online dating or “agencies” the right way, as to avoid getting scammed, swindled, or having your time wasted, then read on to learn what the Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Ukrainian Scammers Online are.

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1. Spending Money Online and Why to AVOID It

In reality, there are far too many free online websites (forums), social media networking sites, and free chatroom’s to have to justify paying for any alternative services. And, while some dating websites or “agencies” might advertise a lot of beautiful women’s profiles, and ‘talk a good talk’, the truth is, they more than likely are swarmed with B.O.T.’s, SPAM, fakes, and potentially even hired employees trained to swindle you out of your money.

So, if in doubt, try to avoid the whole “send electronic roses” or gifts to your Ukrainian girlfriend or woman of interest online, and any sites that associated with this type of “system”. And, do not ever send any woman or person online money that you’ve never met before – or don’t truly know.

2. Translators and Scammers

It’s understandable that a lot of guys quickly – and easily – fall head over heels for a beautiful Ukrainian woman they meet online.

The problem is, in addition to not only scammers but also the reality of situations where the woman of your interest speaks little to no English, you must ask yourself, is it truly worth it?

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All in all, for some men paying a translator regularly to relay messages, or attend dates is worth it. Although, perhaps for the average man such a service is not feasible – or in consideration of hiring one actually in Ukraine, it could then become more practical.

Ultimately, though, it should be no secret that plenty of Ukrainian women do, and will speak at least basic to moderate English – if not fluently. So, while sure, some of these may not be who they say they are, your ability to decipher such is perhaps much greater when interactions are taking place in your mother-tongue.

3. Being Realistic and Keeping Things Reasonable

For a lot of guys that turn to online dating – in particular foreigners – proper precautions must never be underestimated.

To start with, if you’re going to seek out beautiful and single Ukrainian women online, and you’re looking to avoid being scammed, then you should consider the types of women you’re interested in, pursuing, and interacting with.

That is, how likely do you believe it is that a 20-year-old single, beautiful, and passionate Ukrainian woman is really your destined soulmate if you’re two, or even three times her age?

We are not saying that it isn’t possible, but that rather, that she may or may not be after something more specific – such as your money or estate. That’s not however to discredit the numerous, if not hundreds or more of successful marriages between more mature, foreigner men and beautiful Ukrainian women in their early 20’s.

In the end, it’s up to you to make the decision as to whether or not such a setup would be worth it. And, while some 20 year old sexy, single, and educated Ukrainian women are very well sincere in their intentions with you, the truth is plenty of them are merely looking for “a way out”. And, while not uncommon, this type of situation and woman should be measured – by you – for her likelihood to leave you in the future when all is said and done and she’s living with you in your home country.

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4. Avoiding Secretive Characters and Behavior

This next piece of advice is a must and should be used as a general rule of thumb for online dating. That is, if your Ukrainian woman of interest, or girlfriend, is not coming off as being completely honest, is being secretive with her responses to you, or leaves a lot of space for uncertainty, then it may very well be worth breaking it off and seeking another woman elsewhere.

After all, there are so many young, sexy, and single Ukrainian women to date online and in person, would you really consider such a risk of being scammed worth it?

This is also a reminder of why regular video-chatting is so important, as to ensure you are talking to who you think you. Just remember, take your time, and ensure you’ve talking for a few, if not several months, before going to meet in person.

Remember, going to Ukraine could yield equally positive results, just be yourself, take pride in your appearance, and be sincere in your intentions once you arrive.

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5. Knowing the Integrity of the Site

Conducting the necessary background research, asking friends, and browsing online enthusiast forums for ‘mail-order brides’, online dating sites, and marrying Ukrainian women could serve you well in determining the legitimacy of a dating site.

While newer sites are not necessarily always a scam, those that are asking you to pay monthly or regular fees, especially hundreds of dollars or more upfront, could likely be avoided and your time, as well as money, better served in a different place.

Far too many foreigner men looking for love in Ukraine have had their hearts broken, wallets stolen, and banks drained, often from the types of women or “dating services” mentioned worth avoiding here.

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Remember, you dictate your future success in meeting and dating Ukrainian women online. And, just like the dating scene in nearly anywhere else, it is often a ‘game’, competitive, and although authentic will have its share of uncertain or otherwise insincere women – and people in general.

This goes both ways, so keep it in mind, and try to go into this endeavor with an open, positive mind – just don’t forget to play it smart!