Women from Odessa are stunningly beautiful, like many Slovaks, and offer a single man experiences beyond his wildest dreams! From their attractive, natural, beautiful blue eyes, to their long elegant hair, they are sure to blow you away!

You can rest assured that Ukrainian women are always well dressed, groomed, and take great pride in their appearance—they love to be ‘lookers’ and hope one day to find that special man who might just easily be you!

Ukrainian women are very liberal, and those that originate or live in Odessa are especially known to be open to lots of fun, activities, and adventuring! With their beautiful looks, killer legs, strong sense of style, and gorgeous faces it’s no wonder that Western men commonly pursue their prospective soul mates in Odessa!

To sweeten the deal, Ukrainian women are predominantly known for their reputation in being great mothers, wives, and house-keepers—which in a unique form of desired simplicity is very ideal for most successful, established Western men considering their better half in Odessa.


Nightlife in Odessa

Ukrainian women as well as other Slovaks that are living, studying, or working in Odessa are extremely approachable. Because of this, the nightlife scene and accessibility to meet new beautiful Ukrainian women and even your prospective wife increases tenfold!

The Metronom: Students’ Club is a desirable hotspot for foreigners looking to have a great time and possibly meet the woman of their dreams. You will find many local, national, and even international students partying here, enjoying karaoke, and eating at the beautiful restaurant that’s downstairs. Ukrainian women love to have a good time, meet new people, mingle, and have casual relationships as well.

Communication is key, so just treat the woman of your interest like a human being, keep an open mind, and find out if you both want the same thing! Communication is, of course, possible through physical expression as well—so don’t be afraid to dance and let loose! Ukrainian women are known for their strong passion and talents in dancing.

Meeting and interacting with women from Odessa is far from difficult, just make sure you yourself are well groomed, dressed presentably, and make sure you take proper hygienic care of yourself because Ukrainian women by nature pay close attention to such small details—that means trimming your hair and nails!


Nightclubs and Cafes in Arkadia

Only a short, 20 minute ride from the center of Odessa, a frequent hotspot for ‘happening’ discos and cafes is Arkadia. You are sure to find many young, single, beautiful women here with fascinating backgrounds and ethnic origins. Women from Odessa come from very dynamic ancestry as Odessa is a port city and was originally settled by Greeks, Italians, the Polish, and Jewish.

Women from Odessa are very exotic looking, and each have their own special touch of personality and spice to what they’re seeking when they adventure out and about through nightlife!

Arkadia is a big hotspot for Odessa nightlife because it has a multitude of popular discos and bars, as well as other cool, smaller cafes where people can casually meet and take it from there! Any single guys, (foreigners especially) can expect great success with “cold-approaching” Ukrainian women in settings like this given the right personality, respect, and simply a genuine smile.

Of course, there’s added bonus points and an extra special experience to those that can speak or understand (or even practicing) basic Ukrainian or Russian. Single men will find that Ukrainian women have a strong fascination and desire to speak English, so she might just be able to meet you half way!

Since LIVE music can be a rarity in most of the bars or ‘discos’ throughout Odessa, we strongly recommend checking out Elvis, where there’s live music, a bar, and food. The women here are very charming, elegant, and love meeting foreign men and making new friends!


The beauty of the Café’

Café’s in Odessa, as general as they might sound, are a perfect starting point for single tourists looking to mingle, meet new cool people, and even interact with other travelers! Many women in Odessa are Ukrainians from other parts of Ukraine, in transition, working, or studying and always have their eyes open for a prospective long-term mate.

Approaching women in a café isn’t hard, as you’re sure to get plenty of looks and maybe a few stares thanks to being the bachelor you are—your limits are nearly endless! So that means don’t be afraid to ask for a name, number, or even a date out to the local park, the Odessa opera house, dinner, or perhaps a local disco later on.


Why staying local works

As a single man, traveling as a tourist to the local wineries and restaurants or cafés can be a great way to make new friends of either sex—that can in turn then introduce you to more friends and potentially beautiful Ukrainian women!

It’s worth noting that some of the smaller, local restaurants that are more frequented by the locals are some kilometers away from the heart of Odessa, but are nonetheless safe for (single) foreigners looking to meet new great people and beautiful Ukrainian women! Interestingly enough, you might even find yourself stumbling across a Russian beauty and immersing yourself into a totally unique and different experience than originally anticipated for your adventures into Odessa!

Some final key points and advice to keep in mind is that prostitution is existent throughout Odessa, and while “illegal” per say, they exist in places including discos and bars fairly “openly”, so be careful (should you wish), with who you interact with and how. Applying common sense will really go the extra mile—be on the lookout for women who simply just want to use you to buy her drinks throughout the night—and then vanish!

No matter how far from home you go, you can’t expect people to be perfect, and using your common sense goes a long way when traveling to incredible, beautiful, new places like Odessa and meeting new single women!