Ukrainian women are beautiful, soft, sensitive, and loving. They make the best wives, mothers, and really know how to take care of their man. This is why they are some of the most popular foreign brides when it comes to the ‘online dating scene’ and traveling abroad.

Ukrainian women are tall, sexy, have mesmerizing light blue eyes, and always look their best. They are very serious about self-hygiene, and no matter where they’re going to or what the occasion is, may it even be a trip to the local market, you can expect that she’ll be dressed as beautifully as possible, with or without a man in her life – that gentlemen, is pride and beauty at it’s best.

If you’re considering dating a Ukrainian woman in the near future, visiting Ukraine, or looking to brush up on your dating skills, then read on.

1. Know that culture means everything to Ukrainians, so from their borsch with smetana and Kholodets, to taking your shoes off before entering their home, familiarizing yourself with their cultural traditions can really make all the difference in landing you not only your first, but second, third, and fourth dates.

Also, a huge part of their culture is family, and they are very big on having dinner every night with their loved ones, as well as bonding with their extended family as much as possible. If this is not something you’re used to having don’t worry, as your Ukrainian date or lover is sure to familiarize you with her culture – should the two of you become serious.

2. As far as dating goes, once you get into love, possible marriage, and talks about a family keep in mind that contrary to popular belief and gossip, most Ukrainian women do not, in fact, want to leave their home country.

A lot of foreigner men believe that this is the case and that they only want to use you for citizenship or a visa, but in reality, national pride, happiness, and content for Ukrainian women and their lives in their home country is actually quite great.

3. Ukrainian women are quite curious, so for your first few dates and as you grow together do not hesitate to share pictures with her and stories about your family, who you’re closest with, and a bit of your background as far as your life goes.

Ukrainians are quite intuitive, and doing this allows them to ‘weed out’ any guys that they don’t deem fit for a potential long-term relationship with, or one-day marriage. Ukrainians cherish their families greatly, so it is ideal and will work best if you do too.

blonde Ukraine wearing a leopard print bikini

4. Know how to act, think, speak, and live your life like a real man. Ukrainian women are natural providers and culturally are raised to take care of their home, family, and husband. Therefore, it’s imperative you also walk the walk, not just ‘talk the talk’ and fill her head with lies or exaggerations about your current aspirations or success in life.

Nobody likes a liar, and one day if you do it’ll come out one way or another. And while there’s a great difference between being a real “man” versus being “macho” or egotistical, it’s important you figure out what culturally makes the most sense by observing other men and couples around you – to find the median.

Ukrainian women are strongly attracted to a confident, physically, and mentally (very important) strong man. Therefore, it’s vital that you demonstrate these traits to her in the things you do together, in your life, and how you conduct yourself around her friends, family, and in public.

5. Ukrainian women are quite intelligent, and also typically educated – or current students. This makes for great conversation, and an intellectual connection, but it also requires that you be intellectual and socially ‘savvy’ too. Ukrainian women appreciate a well-traveled man, that knows what he’s talking about, and doesn’t just talk to hear himself speak.

Ukrainians are humble, and likewise, are attracted to humble men. Feel free to share your educational history and experiences with her, just don’t make a habit out of it, show off, or make it into a Resume presentation during your conversations together – may it be online or in person.

6. Ukrainian women love small gifts and so do their families. In fact, this is a large part of their tradition, and while it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s merely meant to show you were thinking of her, or her family, and serves as a positive gesture.

Make no mistake, Ukrainian families are very perceptive, and without their approval, you can expect not to have much of a fulfilling or long lasting relationship with your Ukrainian date or lover. Don’t try too hard, and just be yourself.

They know you’re a foreigner, and come from a different culture. In fact, this is interesting to them, and they are fascinated by someone and something new, so take pride in that and have pride in yourself – something else Ukrainians are quite serious about, along with reputation.

Ukraine woman lying down on the sand

7. When you’re out on your date with your Ukrainian woman don’t hesitate to share your impressions, experiences, and opinions about the Ukraine – just be respectful, thoughtful, and avoid political comments or conversation. The same goes for religion, because if you don’t know where you step you may come off as offensive.

Although, religion is an important component of many Ukrainians lives (typically Orthodox Christians or Catholic) so don’t be afraid to share yours, or ask her what hers is and how that influences her life so you can get to know each other better.

8. Ukrainian women are classy, and you should be too. Don’t yell, curse, or drink abusively, or you’re bound to embarrass yourself and likely drive away your Ukrainian date or future lover. More than likely, they’ve had negative experiences in the past with alcoholism in their family – and many also don’t smoke.

So, if your Ukrainian date or girlfriend expresses she doesn’t smoke or drink, don’t pressure her into doing it, and keep those types of activities for your own free time if possible – separate from her.

9. A translator can be a valuable asset, whether you’re corresponding with your Ukrainian lover in person, or online. It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re committed, and especially if you’re serious about visiting Ukraine in the near future.

This will help to get to know each other better, but also familiarize you with her attitude, mentality, and likely teach you a lot about her, her way of life, and what exactly she’s looking for in a man – and of course whether or not she’s serious.

Don’t worry, over time you’re likely to learn some basic Ukrainian, and in no time she’ll have you speaking it – or at least understanding to an extent when she’s talking and spending time with you.

10. Last but not least, be happy, smile, and think positive. Ukrainian women are very positive, and feed off one another’s energy – so don’t be an outcast. After all, you have a lot to be happy and thankful for, considering how long, unique, and tender Ukrainian women are and how beautiful, welcoming, and adventurous they and Ukrainians are.