At 10:00 pm CST on January 12, 2013 the National Geographic Channel’s new reality show, Bachelors Abroad  is going to try to answer one of the most perplexing questions of our time: Are mail order brides for real?

Since the fall of the Soviet Union millions middle age American men have wanted to get answers to one of the world’s great mysteries.

Do they want to find out what happened to Raoul Wallenberg?  Are they curious to learn whether Khrushchev was really prepared to use nuclear weapons during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Do they want to find out the true extent of Soviet espionage during the Roosevelt Administration?

No, most of these guys want to know if they can really travel to Eastern Europe and marry a stunning, Russian bikini model, with a PhD in physics who has always dreamed of moving to Cleveland.The Bachelors Abroad

Really, the development of the mail order bride industry after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. must rank as one of the most hilarious examples of unintended consequences in the history of the world.

After all of the trillions spent on weapons, soldiers, and spies during the fifty years of the Cold War and when it ends Americans find out we got the girls; Russians find out that an army of sexy young women could have conquered American at anytime; and Russian men find out that sometimes losing a war means losing the girl.

There is just a lot of room for Bachelors Abroad to be funny, touching, and perhaps even good television.  It certainly has all of the elements: love, lust, greed, optimism.

But Is It Real?

The show will probably raise a ton of questions in the minds of lonely American males:

  • Are these men just losers who can’t find an American woman?
  • Are these sexy young mail order brides all just gold diggers?
  • Can real love actually develop in such unlikely circumstance?

The Bachelors Abroad Reality ShowMost men in the Western world have been conditioned to believe the modern “Mail Order Bride” industry is just a big scam.  But that perception will surely be busted wide open now that National Geographic is lending its uber-credibility to the subject matter.

Sites like A Foreign Affair and International Love Scout have been trying to convince guys for years that International Dating is legit.  It has largely been an up hill battle.

Only time will tell if the new show Bachelors Abroad will help change the negative perceptions that the “Mail Order Bride” industry – either way, it is bound to be a whole lot of fun!