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A Man’s Guide to Ukraine Dating

Posted By on Oct 24, 2012

very naughty Ukaine girlEvery year countless Ukraine women marry foreigners. Foreigners prefer Ukraine dating to dating in their hometown because women from the Ukraine are extraordinary. They are beautiful, intelligent, educated and humorous. They also know how to be good wives and mothers.

The average foreigner meets his Ukraine bride on the internet. The couple will usually interact for a few months to a year before they meet in person. Ukrainian women generally prefer their partner to meet them as soon as possible.

As the internet is rife with scams, foreign men need to ensure that they are using a reputable dating website. One way of doing this is assessing the quality of the girl’s emails. If she wants to meet quickly without revealing a lot of information about herself, she may be part of a scam operation.

It is important to note that most Ukrainian women expect these relationships to end in marriage. Generally the dating process will move from correspondence to phone calls. Once the two parties have met, the issue of marriage will be brought up.

Many people believe that foreign women date western men for their money. While this may be true in some instances, it is generally not the case with women from the Ukraine. Ukraine girls want men for themselves not their money. Those who ask for cash or presents should be avoided or approached with caution.

Lastly, men should make their intentions clear to the women they are dating online. Some men choose to correspond with more than one woman at a time. People in this situation often make a trip to Ukraine with the intention of meeting multiple women. Men who do this should be honest with the women involved. This will prevent them from getting their hopes up about marriage too quickly. Ukrainian women also value honestly. If they find out this information later, they may feel that the man has been lying about his feelings.

Overall, dating a Ukrainian Woman Is An Excellent Choice For Western Men who feel that their choices are limited back home. Today, many western women put their career ahead of their relationships. This often results in the men in their lives feeling neglected. Those who date Ukrainian women will not have this problem. Women from this part of the world know that work, family and love are equally important. Due to this, they will do their best to make their relationship work.

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Foreign men from around the globe dream of, seek out online and travel to Ukraine in hopes of meeting their soulmate. And, for good reason, many of these men are successful in their endeavors.

Along with the current economic struggles and government instability in Ukraine, women here are much more likely to fantasize about and pursue a relationship or marriage with a foreigner.

The truth is, a lot of Ukrainian men are alcoholics and do not treat their wives nicely. It’s also worth taking into consideration that the ratio of women to men in the country is greatly in your favor.

So, if you love a beautiful Ukrainian woman, and are attempting to go about online dating or “agencies” the right way, as to avoid getting scammed, swindled, or having your time wasted, then read on to learn what the Top 5 Tips for Avoiding Ukrainian Scammers Online are.

hot ukrainian girl

1. Spending Money Online and Why to AVOID It

In reality, there are far too many free online websites (forums), social media networking sites, and free chatroom’s to have to justify paying for any alternative services. And, while some dating websites or “agencies” might advertise a lot of beautiful women’s profiles, and ‘talk a good talk’, the truth is, they more than likely are swarmed with B.O.T.’s, SPAM, fakes, and potentially even hired employees trained to swindle you out of your money.

So, if in doubt, try to avoid the whole “send electronic roses” or gifts to your Ukrainian girlfriend or woman of interest online, and any sites that associated with this type of “system”. And, do not ever send any woman or person online money that you’ve never met before – or don’t truly know.

2. Translators and Scammers

It’s understandable that a lot of guys quickly – and easily – fall head over heels for a beautiful Ukrainian woman they meet online.

The problem is, in addition to not only scammers but also the reality of situations where the woman of your interest speaks little to no English, you must ask yourself, is it truly worth it?

sexy ukrainian

All in all, for some men paying a translator regularly to relay messages, or attend dates is worth it. Although, perhaps for the average man such a service is not feasible – or in consideration of hiring one actually in Ukraine, it could then become more practical.

Ultimately, though, it should be no secret that plenty of Ukrainian women do, and will speak at least basic to moderate English – if not fluently. So, while sure, some of these may not be who they say they are, your ability to decipher such is perhaps much greater when interactions are taking place in your mother-tongue.

3. Being Realistic and Keeping Things Reasonable

For a lot of guys that turn to online dating – in particular foreigners – proper precautions must never be underestimated.

To start with, if you’re going to seek out beautiful and single Ukrainian women online, and you’re looking to avoid being scammed, then you should consider the types of women you’re interested in, pursuing, and interacting with.

That is, how likely do you believe it is that a 20-year-old single, beautiful, and passionate Ukrainian woman is really your destined soulmate if you’re two, or even three times her age?

We are not saying that it isn’t possible, but that rather, that she may or may not be after something more specific – such as your money or estate. That’s not however to discredit the numerous, if not hundreds or more of successful marriages between more mature, foreigner men and beautiful Ukrainian women in their early 20’s.

In the end, it’s up to you to make the decision as to whether or not such a setup would be worth it. And, while some 20 year old sexy, single, and educated Ukrainian women are very well sincere in their intentions with you, the truth is plenty of them are merely looking for “a way out”. And, while not uncommon, this type of situation and woman should be measured – by you – for her likelihood to leave you in the future when all is said and done and she’s living with you in your home country.

ukraine beauty

4. Avoiding Secretive Characters and Behavior

This next piece of advice is a must and should be used as a general rule of thumb for online dating. That is, if your Ukrainian woman of interest, or girlfriend, is not coming off as being completely honest, is being secretive with her responses to you, or leaves a lot of space for uncertainty, then it may very well be worth breaking it off and seeking another woman elsewhere.

After all, there are so many young, sexy, and single Ukrainian women to date online and in person, would you really consider such a risk of being scammed worth it?

This is also a reminder of why regular video-chatting is so important, as to ensure you are talking to who you think you. Just remember, take your time, and ensure you’ve talking for a few, if not several months, before going to meet in person.

Remember, going to Ukraine could yield equally positive results, just be yourself, take pride in your appearance, and be sincere in your intentions once you arrive.

ukraine girl

5. Knowing the Integrity of the Site

Conducting the necessary background research, asking friends, and browsing online enthusiast forums for ‘mail-order brides’, online dating sites, and marrying Ukrainian women could serve you well in determining the legitimacy of a dating site.

While newer sites are not necessarily always a scam, those that are asking you to pay monthly or regular fees, especially hundreds of dollars or more upfront, could likely be avoided and your time, as well as money, better served in a different place.

Far too many foreigner men looking for love in Ukraine have had their hearts broken, wallets stolen, and banks drained, often from the types of women or “dating services” mentioned worth avoiding here.

wow ukraine

Remember, you dictate your future success in meeting and dating Ukrainian women online. And, just like the dating scene in nearly anywhere else, it is often a ‘game’, competitive, and although authentic will have its share of uncertain or otherwise insincere women – and people in general.

This goes both ways, so keep it in mind, and try to go into this endeavor with an open, positive mind – just don’t forget to play it smart!

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Ukrainian women are beautiful, soft, sensitive, and loving. They make the best wives, mothers, and really know how to take care of their man. This is why they are some of the most popular foreign brides when it comes to the ‘online dating scene’ and traveling abroad.

Ukrainian women are tall, sexy, have mesmerizing light blue eyes, and always look their best. They are very serious about self-hygiene, and no matter where they’re going to or what the occasion is, may it even be a trip to the local market, you can expect that she’ll be dressed as beautifully as possible, with or without a man in her life – that gentlemen, is pride and beauty at it’s best.

If you’re considering dating a Ukrainian woman in the near future, visiting Ukraine, or looking to brush up on your dating skills, then read on.

1. Know that culture means everything to Ukrainians, so from their borsch with smetana and Kholodets, to taking your shoes off before entering their home, familiarizing yourself with their cultural traditions can really make all the difference in landing you not only your first, but second, third, and fourth dates.

Also, a huge part of their culture is family, and they are very big on having dinner every night with their loved ones, as well as bonding with their extended family as much as possible. If this is not something you’re used to having don’t worry, as your Ukrainian date or lover is sure to familiarize you with her culture – should the two of you become serious.

2. As far as dating goes, once you get into love, possible marriage, and talks about a family keep in mind that contrary to popular belief and gossip, most Ukrainian women do not, in fact, want to leave their home country.

A lot of foreigner men believe that this is the case and that they only want to use you for citizenship or a visa, but in reality, national pride, happiness, and content for Ukrainian women and their lives in their home country is actually quite great.

3. Ukrainian women are quite curious, so for your first few dates and as you grow together do not hesitate to share pictures with her and stories about your family, who you’re closest with, and a bit of your background as far as your life goes.

Ukrainians are quite intuitive, and doing this allows them to ‘weed out’ any guys that they don’t deem fit for a potential long-term relationship with, or one-day marriage. Ukrainians cherish their families greatly, so it is ideal and will work best if you do too.

blonde Ukraine wearing a leopard print bikini

4. Know how to act, think, speak, and live your life like a real man. Ukrainian women are natural providers and culturally are raised to take care of their home, family, and husband. Therefore, it’s imperative you also walk the walk, not just ‘talk the talk’ and fill her head with lies or exaggerations about your current aspirations or success in life.

Nobody likes a liar, and one day if you do it’ll come out one way or another. And while there’s a great difference between being a real “man” versus being “macho” or egotistical, it’s important you figure out what culturally makes the most sense by observing other men and couples around you – to find the median.

Ukrainian women are strongly attracted to a confident, physically, and mentally (very important) strong man. Therefore, it’s vital that you demonstrate these traits to her in the things you do together, in your life, and how you conduct yourself around her friends, family, and in public.

5. Ukrainian women are quite intelligent, and also typically educated – or current students. This makes for great conversation, and an intellectual connection, but it also requires that you be intellectual and socially ‘savvy’ too. Ukrainian women appreciate a well-traveled man, that knows what he’s talking about, and doesn’t just talk to hear himself speak.

Ukrainians are humble, and likewise, are attracted to humble men. Feel free to share your educational history and experiences with her, just don’t make a habit out of it, show off, or make it into a Resume presentation during your conversations together – may it be online or in person.

6. Ukrainian women love small gifts and so do their families. In fact, this is a large part of their tradition, and while it doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s merely meant to show you were thinking of her, or her family, and serves as a positive gesture.

Make no mistake, Ukrainian families are very perceptive, and without their approval, you can expect not to have much of a fulfilling or long lasting relationship with your Ukrainian date or lover. Don’t try too hard, and just be yourself.

They know you’re a foreigner, and come from a different culture. In fact, this is interesting to them, and they are fascinated by someone and something new, so take pride in that and have pride in yourself – something else Ukrainians are quite serious about, along with reputation.

Ukraine woman lying down on the sand

7. When you’re out on your date with your Ukrainian woman don’t hesitate to share your impressions, experiences, and opinions about the Ukraine – just be respectful, thoughtful, and avoid political comments or conversation. The same goes for religion, because if you don’t know where you step you may come off as offensive.

Although, religion is an important component of many Ukrainians lives (typically Orthodox Christians or Catholic) so don’t be afraid to share yours, or ask her what hers is and how that influences her life so you can get to know each other better.

8. Ukrainian women are classy, and you should be too. Don’t yell, curse, or drink abusively, or you’re bound to embarrass yourself and likely drive away your Ukrainian date or future lover. More than likely, they’ve had negative experiences in the past with alcoholism in their family – and many also don’t smoke.

So, if your Ukrainian date or girlfriend expresses she doesn’t smoke or drink, don’t pressure her into doing it, and keep those types of activities for your own free time if possible – separate from her.

9. A translator can be a valuable asset, whether you’re corresponding with your Ukrainian lover in person, or online. It’s definitely worth the investment if you’re committed, and especially if you’re serious about visiting Ukraine in the near future.

This will help to get to know each other better, but also familiarize you with her attitude, mentality, and likely teach you a lot about her, her way of life, and what exactly she’s looking for in a man – and of course whether or not she’s serious.

Don’t worry, over time you’re likely to learn some basic Ukrainian, and in no time she’ll have you speaking it – or at least understanding to an extent when she’s talking and spending time with you.

10. Last but not least, be happy, smile, and think positive. Ukrainian women are very positive, and feed off one another’s energy – so don’t be an outcast. After all, you have a lot to be happy and thankful for, considering how long, unique, and tender Ukrainian women are and how beautiful, welcoming, and adventurous they and Ukrainians are.

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Odessa—Paradise for the Single Man

Posted By on Dec 6, 2015

Women from Odessa are stunningly beautiful, like many Slovaks, and offer a single man experiences beyond his wildest dreams! From their attractive, natural, beautiful blue eyes, to their long elegant hair, they are sure to blow you away!

You can rest assured that Ukrainian women are always well dressed, groomed, and take great pride in their appearance—they love to be ‘lookers’ and hope one day to find that special man who might just easily be you!

Ukrainian women are very liberal, and those that originate or live in Odessa are especially known to be open to lots of fun, activities, and adventuring! With their beautiful looks, killer legs, strong sense of style, and gorgeous faces it’s no wonder that Western men commonly pursue their prospective soul mates in Odessa!

To sweeten the deal, Ukrainian women are predominantly known for their reputation in being great mothers, wives, and house-keepers—which in a unique form of desired simplicity is very ideal for most successful, established Western men considering their better half in Odessa.


Nightlife in Odessa

Ukrainian women as well as other Slovaks that are living, studying, or working in Odessa are extremely approachable. Because of this, the nightlife scene and accessibility to meet new beautiful Ukrainian women and even your prospective wife increases tenfold!

The Metronom: Students’ Club is a desirable hotspot for foreigners looking to have a great time and possibly meet the woman of their dreams. You will find many local, national, and even international students partying here, enjoying karaoke, and eating at the beautiful restaurant that’s downstairs. Ukrainian women love to have a good time, meet new people, mingle, and have casual relationships as well.

Communication is key, so just treat the woman of your interest like a human being, keep an open mind, and find out if you both want the same thing! Communication is, of course, possible through physical expression as well—so don’t be afraid to dance and let loose! Ukrainian women are known for their strong passion and talents in dancing.

Meeting and interacting with women from Odessa is far from difficult, just make sure you yourself are well groomed, dressed presentably, and make sure you take proper hygienic care of yourself because Ukrainian women by nature pay close attention to such small details—that means trimming your hair and nails!


Nightclubs and Cafes in Arkadia

Only a short, 20 minute ride from the center of Odessa, a frequent hotspot for ‘happening’ discos and cafes is Arkadia. You are sure to find many young, single, beautiful women here with fascinating backgrounds and ethnic origins. Women from Odessa come from very dynamic ancestry as Odessa is a port city and was originally settled by Greeks, Italians, the Polish, and Jewish.

Women from Odessa are very exotic looking, and each have their own special touch of personality and spice to what they’re seeking when they adventure out and about through nightlife!

Arkadia is a big hotspot for Odessa nightlife because it has a multitude of popular discos and bars, as well as other cool, smaller cafes where people can casually meet and take it from there! Any single guys, (foreigners especially) can expect great success with “cold-approaching” Ukrainian women in settings like this given the right personality, respect, and simply a genuine smile.

Of course, there’s added bonus points and an extra special experience to those that can speak or understand (or even practicing) basic Ukrainian or Russian. Single men will find that Ukrainian women have a strong fascination and desire to speak English, so she might just be able to meet you half way!

Since LIVE music can be a rarity in most of the bars or ‘discos’ throughout Odessa, we strongly recommend checking out Elvis, where there’s live music, a bar, and food. The women here are very charming, elegant, and love meeting foreign men and making new friends!


The beauty of the Café’

Café’s in Odessa, as general as they might sound, are a perfect starting point for single tourists looking to mingle, meet new cool people, and even interact with other travelers! Many women in Odessa are Ukrainians from other parts of Ukraine, in transition, working, or studying and always have their eyes open for a prospective long-term mate.

Approaching women in a café isn’t hard, as you’re sure to get plenty of looks and maybe a few stares thanks to being the bachelor you are—your limits are nearly endless! So that means don’t be afraid to ask for a name, number, or even a date out to the local park, the Odessa opera house, dinner, or perhaps a local disco later on.


Why staying local works

As a single man, traveling as a tourist to the local wineries and restaurants or cafés can be a great way to make new friends of either sex—that can in turn then introduce you to more friends and potentially beautiful Ukrainian women!

It’s worth noting that some of the smaller, local restaurants that are more frequented by the locals are some kilometers away from the heart of Odessa, but are nonetheless safe for (single) foreigners looking to meet new great people and beautiful Ukrainian women! Interestingly enough, you might even find yourself stumbling across a Russian beauty and immersing yourself into a totally unique and different experience than originally anticipated for your adventures into Odessa!

Some final key points and advice to keep in mind is that prostitution is existent throughout Odessa, and while “illegal” per say, they exist in places including discos and bars fairly “openly”, so be careful (should you wish), with who you interact with and how. Applying common sense will really go the extra mile—be on the lookout for women who simply just want to use you to buy her drinks throughout the night—and then vanish!

No matter how far from home you go, you can’t expect people to be perfect, and using your common sense goes a long way when traveling to incredible, beautiful, new places like Odessa and meeting new single women!

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Ukrainian Online Dating Sites

Posted By on Aug 20, 2014

cute smile from a ukrainian babeIt is common knowledge that many of the Ukrainian online dating sites are simply scams , often operated by dubious men from eastern Europe hoping to lure you in, and make you part with your money. Often these sites will pray on single men’s emotions.

If you are a gentleman who is serious about your search for a Ukrainian women for marriage, you should be very careful in searching for a legitimate Ukrainian dating site.

Be very careful of any websites asking for payments to open emails from ladies, this is usually some kind of scam, you will be paying to open emails from a girl you cannot even be sure exists, or if she is in fact reading or receiving your emails. We live in a modern world today and the same applies in Ukraine, the ladies there have web cam, Skype and their own computers, so why should you pay a third party to open their mails.

Be sure to check out your chosen sites , you can easily Google their name and see what comes up in search results, of course you shouldn’t always take notice of every bad search result for the site, many sites including mainstream site have scammers who have often been reported to scam agencies, these in turn will publish them to the net, so it is not always the fault of the site if a scammer is reported to of been active in that site, and it does not necessarily mean that the site is a bad Ukraine dating site.

sexy-ukaine-womanIf the site you have chosen is just full of model looking women and no normal Ukrainian women then you can be sure they are probably fakes , yes Ukraine has thousands of beautiful Ukraine brides signed up to these sites but there are also thousands of normal Ukrainian women..

Signing up to a Ukrainian brides site maybe one of the best experiences of your life and could in fact even provide a life changing experience, many men from all over the world find love and romance on International Ukrainian dating sites every year, so why shouldn’t you?

As you make this life changing decision keep in mind that on the other side of your decision is a woman who for their own reasons is choosing to meet a foreign man for love and romance. Finding a site that has instant messaging facilities along with emailing will be a good start on your Ukraine bride’s searches.

Best of luck in your Ukrainian brides searches.

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The title from GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS makes it official – AnastasiaDate is full of the most passionate women in the world…

Anastasia entered the legendary GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS book this Valentine’s weekend breaking the record for Most Kisses Received in One Minute. Scores of hot Ukrainian babes turned out for the passionate event at Club YO! in Odessa where they delivered 118 lip-smackers to an elated member of Anastasia’s Romance Tour.

Proceeds raised by the charity event will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

The kiss-off took place on Saturday, February 12 during Anastasia’s Valentine’s Romance Tour to the magnificent Black Sea resort where the new record, 118 kisses, surpassed the previous one of 112 set in 2009. Two lines of super smoochers made certain of the salacious record as an electrified crowd watched. Over 400 guests on hand included hundreds of local Anastasia Ladies plus Romance Tour members, Ukrainian TV news channels and a journalist from Askmen.

On hand to adjudicate, GUINNESS WORLD RECORDS™ official Lisa Gills said, “It’s been a crazy day, it’s been really good fun seeing everyone come together, everyone’s team work in breaking this record: Brian, Anastasia, all the girls that were involved today. It’s fantastic for Odessa because I don’t think Odessa had a record and now they do.”

Anastasia’s Ladies from Odessa proved once again that they’re great fun, spirited and the most effective kissers around. Lucky record breaker Brian described the affectionate beauties at the event as “Clearly the most beautiful women in the world – kind, smart, lovely all-around.” He added “It’s just a great experience and I would recommend it to anybody.”

The entertaining fund-raiser was staged in aid of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society which cares for orphans and street children, refugees and other disadvantaged members of society. The donation will come from a slice of the funds raised during Anastasia’s Valentine’s Live Chat-a-thon.

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American Bachelors In The Ukraine

Posted By on Jan 11, 2013

The Bachelors AbroadAt 10:00 pm CST on January 12, 2013 the National Geographic Channel’s new reality show, Bachelors Abroad  is going to try to answer one of the most perplexing questions of our time: Are mail order brides for real?

Since the fall of the Soviet Union millions middle age American men have wanted to get answers to one of the world’s great mysteries.

Do they want to find out what happened to Raoul Wallenberg?  Are they curious to learn whether Khrushchev was really prepared to use nuclear weapons during the Cuban Missile Crisis?  Do they want to find out the true extent of Soviet espionage during the Roosevelt Administration?

No, most of these guys want to know if they can really travel to Eastern Europe and marry a stunning, Russian bikini model, with a PhD in physics who has always dreamed of moving to Cleveland.

Really, the development of the mail order bride industry after the collapse of the U.S.S.R. must rank as one of the most hilarious examples of unintended consequences in the history of the world.

After all of the trillions spent on weapons, soldiers, and spies during the fifty years of the Cold War and when it ends Americans find out we got the girls; Russians find out that an army of sexy young women could have conquered American at anytime; and Russian men find out that sometimes losing a war means losing the girl.

There is just a lot of room for Bachelors Abroad to be funny, touching, and perhaps even good television.  It certainly has all of the elements: love, lust, greed, optimism.

But Is It Real?

The Bachelors Abroad Reality ShowThe show will probably raise a ton of questions in the minds of lonely American males:

  • Are these men just losers who can’t find an American woman?
  • Are these sexy young mail order brides all just gold diggers?
  • Can real love actually develop in such unlikely circumstance?

Most men in the Western world have been conditioned to believe the modern “Mail Order Bride” industry is just a big scam.  But that perception will surely be busted wide open now that National Geographic is lending its uber-credibility to the subject matter.

Sites like A Foreign Affair and International Love Scout have been trying to convince guys for years that International Dating is legit.  It has largely been an up hill battle.

Only time will tell if the new show Bachelors Abroad will help change the negative perceptions that the “Mail Order Bride” industry – either way, it is bound to be a whole lot of fun!

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